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Adabelle Princz, PhD is an engaging and informative wellness expert who delivers inspiring and educational presentations that equip audiences with practical strategies to improve their physical and mental wellness.

How Focusing On Good Health and Wellness for Your Team Will Greatly Improve Overall Company Productivity & Profits

Discover how to improve your employees’ performance, which have impact on your profits and customer ratings, by focusing on the integrity of their physical and mental health. The reason it’s so important is that when your team doesn’t feel good productivity is down. They may be experiencing physical or mental fatigue, brain fog, irritability, and other symptoms that diminish their capacity to do their jobs correctly. And in addition to not feeling well, it can lead to poor interactions and communications with their coworkers, superiors and your customers.

Did you know that poor physical energy and mental focus are among the leading causes for mistakes, injuries, down time, and attrition … all of which affect the profits and reputation of your company? In this highly-informative presentation, you will learn simple strategies to help your team increase their physical stamina and their mental clarity, which will lead to greater performance, improved creativity and more effective communication.

You Will Learn How:  

  • Increase your team’s physical energy and stamina to support their mental clarity and focus.
  • Improve mental and emotional well-being.
  • Improve interactions and communications between other staff members and with your customers.
  • Strengthen employees’ immune response for less down time and faster recovery from illness and injuries.
  • Increase dedication and loyalty from a workforce that appreciates feeling better.

How to Improve Your Overall Health with a Holistic Wellness Approach

Discover the Holistic Wellness approach to overall wellness with this highly informative presentation. You will learn how this unique approach uses a panoramic view of all the various influences of which affect your health and well being. 

This presentation will help you understand the many benefits of the holistic approach and why more people today are seeking holistic practitioners. You will be able to discover a more accurate and complete picture of what needs to be addressed to improve your health now, instead of simply looking at snapshots of individual symptoms.

You Will Learn How:  

  • A holistic approach provides a more complete understanding of all the influences affecting your health, wellness and quality of life.
  • Holistic wellness considers your physical, mental and emotional symptoms, evaluates your mental and emotional qualities, your level of physical health, your diet and your home and work environments.
  • Treating symptoms only, without finding out what is causing them, can lead to physical and mental side effects while leaving the original condition unresolved. 
  • A holistic wellness approach identifies the root causes for what you are experiencing and can provide a safe and effective protocol customized for your unique needs.

How to Improve Your Overall Health with Better Sleep

Sleep is essential to a healthy life and plays a vital role in your well-being including mental and physical health.. When you don’t get enough sleep or your sleep patterns are restless, it may lead to a variety of health issues.

This insightful presentation shows you how getting a deep, restful sleep allows the body to perform many regenerative processes. This allows you to wake with improved vitality and mental clarity. And if you suffer from insomnia or restless nights, Discover many ways to improve your sleep patterns, from using certain supplements and teas, to meditation and other activities to relieve stress.

What You Will Learn:

  • How the body is busy working while you sleep and goes through various sleep phases.
  • The importance of achieving the REM phase while you sleep to improve your sleep patterns.
  • How lack of sleep can lead to fatigue, hormone imbalances, severe confusion, depression and anxiety
  • How to achieve deep and balanced sleep to avoid the effects of sleep deprivation which may cause physical, emotional and mental issues.

Am I Really Hungry? How to Think Before You Eat

Learn how to ask yourself whether you truly are hungry or if you are eating to fulfill another need, brought on by stress, anxiety, frustration, boredom or other emotions. Discover why you don’t want to look at food as off limits, instead look at what you eat as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes balance and moderation.

In this information-packed presentation you will discover how being more self-aware and eating “consciously” can also help you eat at healthier intervals while making better choices.

Learn How To:

  • Avoid creating a cycle of perceived hunger and overeating due to stress which can create a false sense of hunger and interfere with proper digestion.
  • Stop overeating due to nervousness or other emotions which can lead to choosing convenience foods that cause nutritional deficiencies and chronic hunger.
  • Simply chewing your food longer and eating more slowly will improve digestion, and help you feel fuller sooner, and help you avoid overeating.
  • Choose healthier foods that increase the nutritional integrity of your diet and help you avoid hunger by giving your body the nutrition and energy it requires.

How to Improve Your Life by Reducing Stress

Stress can affect your life and your health in many ways; including your physical, emotional and mental health. Stress can come from pressures of work deadlines, responsibilities in your home, illnesses, recovering from injury, nutritional deficiencies and more.

During this insightful presentation you will learn where stress comes from in your life and how to work on reducing stress to dramatically change your life and your health for the better.

Learn how to:

  • Avoid the problems stress can cause including restless sleep, blood pressure issues, weakening your immune system, confusion anxiety and other health concerns.
  • Avoid stress-related physical pain that can be caused by inflammation in the body brought on by stress.
  • Create an effective protocol to release stress with certain types of counseling and therapeutic approaches.
  • Implement stress reduction techniques that you can use yourself to achieve improved life balance in your life.

Additional Speaking Topics by Adabelle Include:

  • Healthy Eating to Create a Healthy Body for Life
  • Your Daily Holistic Emergency Kit

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